Physical Health

The benefits of physical activity and a precise, specific, and regimented exercise routine are endless:

  • Improve cognitive and mental endurance

  • Prevent overuse/repetitive strain injury

  • Promote career longevity

  • Increase endurance of postural muscle when competing

  • Increase hand/eye coordination, reaction speed, and velocity/control of upper extremity musculature

  • Improve cardiovascular response to stressful competitive play

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

  • Improve mood and overall well being

  • Increased energy levels

Mental Health

Providing mental coaching is essential for all athletes to help mitigate stresses associated with competition as well as mental fatigue, anxiety, depression, and poor team synergy. In addition the the benefits provided by physical activity, specific strategies to improve focus, competitive composure, confidence, and mental preparation are key to optimizing the performance of esports athletes. Additionally, organizing and developing a pregame routine, improving practice and coaching efficiency, as well as incorporating aspects of motor imagery.


Nutrition and dietary assessment is a vital part of any athlete’s success in maintaining optimal health and wellness. High level competition causes both physiological and mental stress. Proper nutritional planning will maximize energy levels while competing, and mitigate these stressful factors.