What is Ergonomics?

“An applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely ” - Merriam-Webster

A Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS) is responsible for evaluating, designing, and implementing various aspects of ergonomic optimization to maximize performance in an esports or workplace setting. It is essential. The primary goal of a systematic ergonomics program is to prevent esports and work related musculoskeletal disorders that can cause pain in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, low back, etc. Establishing a solid foundation of both physical and mental health, in addition to implementation of ergonomic programming is ideal for all individuals of any organization.


  • PB & J.

  • Mac & Cheese.

  • Beyoncé & JAY-Z.

  • Esports & Ergonomics.

Ergonomics is to esports athletes, as a fitted glove is to a boxer. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. And as such, the equipment they use while competing at high levels should be tailored specifically to their needs. If the competitive environment  is not conducive to maximizing their performance, optimal results will be much more difficulty to achieve. Additionally, in all athletic and competitive environments, injury prevention is key. A Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist can evaluate the specific needs of each individual, in order to provide an optimal competitive environment to maximize performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Corporate health and Wellness

Esports has grown substantially in all aspects EXCEPT health, wellness, and injury prevention. Implementing an infrastructure of corporate health and wellness within an esports organization is key for ensuring maximal productivity and performance, not just for esports athletes but organizational employees as well. Coaches, analysts, managers, etc, all play a vital role in the success of any esports organization and should be cared for accordingly. Finding the perfect balance between good workplace design while promoting a health conscious workforce is ideal for any growing or already established organization.