Why Esports?

Physical and mental health have always been an integral part to an athlete’s performance. Esports are no exception. In order to optimize performance of esport athletes and maintain the longevity of their professional careers, it is essential that a qualified specialist and expert clinician oversee and implement plans of care that will help prevent any injury or pain, as well as mental burnout and fatigue that they may face during competition.

Prevention is key

The esports ecosystem has become robust in almost all aspects, except player health and performance. Many esport athletes suffer from a variety of health issues, whether physical or mental, which can be easily prevented with the proper infrastructure in place. The physical and mental aspects of esports are relatively predictable when compared to traditional sports, and as such, an infrastructure led by a skilled medical professional can mitigate many of potentially career ending issues that esport athletes face. From wrist, elbow, shoulder, low back, neck, pain etc, as well as mental fatigue, burnout, anxiety, and “tilting”.